Lifekey Fetch vs. AirTags: Why isn't Apple AirTag designed for dogs?

With Apple's recent release of AirTags, bluetooth tracking devices similar to Tile, many people have wondered about using them for tracking their dogs. So what's the deal? We'll explain.

Of course, we're biased, but there are a few reasons that AirTags may not be the best solution for your precious pet's collar:

1. Apple doesn't want you to use it for pets. Here's a good explanation of why this is the case.

2. If someone finds your pet with an AirTag, will the know what to do with it? As an owner of a Google Pixel, for example, how will I interface with the tag? Unlike Lifekey Fetch Smart Pet Tags, there are no instructions on the tag specific to finding your pet's owner.

3. To work at all, the AirTag must be within range of a device connected to Apple’s Find My network. Globally, only about 13% of smartphones are Apple. In the U.S., Apple accounts for a little more than half of smartphone users. (Fetch works with all operating systems and NFC enabled smartphones!)

4. AirTags are water resistant, not waterproof. (Fetch tags are 100% waterproof.)