Artilect X Lifekey: Safety and Peace of Mind Built In

We're excited to show you our latest integration with the innovators over at ARTILECT Together, we're adding the digital layer to Artilect's unprecedented apparel system to provide safety and peace of mind to every consumer.

Lifekey Founder/CEO Jason Kintzler: "We're not just showing you basic info like where a product is made, but instead, we're providing an invisible piece of technology that will forever change the way you wear."


From Artilect:

Some of our products have a unique Lifekey™ signature that is assigned to an individual when the product is purchased registered.

It's simple: Tap your Lifekey to let family and friends know when and where you start an activity — like running, biking, climbing or just chasing the dream...

Once you start an activity, if something happens, your Lifekey functions as an important medical companion that can call for help, notify emergency contacts, or provide vital health data when it’s needed most

Tap to let family and friends know when and where you start an activity. Tap when you’re done to let your followers know you’re safe and sound.

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